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In the early 2000’s researchers worked on a way to deliver healthy, sustained energy to chemotherapy patients. They and the Company’s Founders worked to create a powerful blend of antioxidants and essential vitamins that optimizes the body’s natural energy production at the cellular level.

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A Powerful, Natural Antioxidant

QU995® can be made from Quercegen’s proprietary high content Unicaria Elliptica leaves or from Fava d’Anta pods.

Quercegen purifies or causes to be purified QU995® in a number of countries around the world.

QU995® is a superior quality product with FDA GRAS STATUS under GRN 000341


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Quercetin exerts strong anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, anti-pathogenic, and immune regulatory effects in vitro and in animal-based studies. Epidemiological data indicates reduced rates of cardiovascular disease and various types of cancer in groups self-selecting diets high in Quercetin. Several recent supplementation studies in athletes have focused on Quercetin’s potential influences as a countermeasure to post-exercise inflammation, oxidative stress, and immune dysfunction, in improving endurance performance, and in reducing illness rates following periods of physiologic stress.

David C. Nieman, DrPH, FACSM Director,
Human Performance Lab North Carolina Research Campus Professor,
Appalachian State University
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Feel Your Best, Anywhere, Every Day

A natural polyphenolic antioxidant flavonoid found in medicinal plants, fruits and vegetables

Quercetin can boost your overall health. Great for everyday, whether at home, the office, gym or on the go!

Through ongoing advancements in our proprietary extraction and purification process, we’re committed to keeping QU995 readily available for incorporation into various food, beverage, and supplement formats, including pills, capsules, powders, and liquids.

Quercetin Increases Your Energy Naturally

Studies suggest quercetin supports your body's natural energy production at a cellular level

With over 20,000 scientific studies on the benefits of quercetin, scientists believe it works at the cellular level with your body to produce and sustain your own natural energy.

Quercetin mimics the effects of exercise by enhancing the production of mitochondria, the energy-producing units in our cells. Until now, exercise was the only practical way to increase mitochondria in cells.

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Quercetin Benefits

QU995® The World’s Purest Quercetin® has been widely studied and proven to provide a host of benefits that boost health and performance in healthy individuals as well as those battling debilitating conditions.

Athletic Performance Properties

QU995® in the FRS® Healthy Energy® formulation has been shown to enchance performance in placebo-controlled crossover studies on cyclists. These studies were conducted by Dr. Mark Davis at the Arnold School of Health and Dr. Holden MacRae at Pepperdine University

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Quercetin has been found to be a powerful anti-inflammatory. Inflammation in the body leads to many health ailments and diseases. Arthritis is caused by inflammation between the joints.

Upper Respiratory Tract Infection

A randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled clinical study at Appalachian State showed that the antioxidant quercetin significantly reduced incidence of upper respiratory tract illness during the two-week period following intensified exercise.

Antihistamine Properties

The American Academy of Family Physicians describes histamines as substances that irritate the cells in the body. This is why they cause sneezing, itching, and other allergy type reactions.

Anti-Cancer Properties

Quercetin has been found to both treat and prevent cancers in certain studies. However this the Company does not make any cancer treatment claims for its products and will not make any such claims without following the recognized FDA procedures.

Anti-Heart Disease Properties

Quercetin is known to have protective benefits when it comes to heart disease. The April 4, 2008 edition of the "Journal of Biological Chemistry" reports a study that shows the powerful action of Quercetin against cardiovascular disease.

Quercetin could be one of the most important discoveries in nutrition in a very long time

Dr. Mark Davis, Ph.D.
University of South Carolina

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